Handsiebdruckerei Kreuzberg

Corporate film about a fine art silk printing company located in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Lots of passion and genuine craftsmanship. This film won the Silver medal on the German Corporate Film Award 2015.

Director: Daniel Egenolf
DOP: Line Kühl

Into the Wild White Wide

A portrait film about Tamara Schlemmer, an extreme athlete, living in the Swedish Lapland with 27 siberian sledge dogs right out in the middle of nowhere. The inspiring life of an outstanding woman.

Director: Mike Fuchs
DOP/Aerial Shots: Line Kühl

Can't Be Silent | On Tour with the Refugees

The Documentary follows a band, consisting mainly of refugees on their tour through Europe. It won the DGB Film Award at International Film Festival Emden-Norderney 2014.

Director: Julia Oelkers
DOP: L. Kühl, L. Maibaum, M. Neumann